Thursday, September 2, 2010

Challenge #23

Ask a Question!
Well my question is......Why are some people so unhappy?
Some people (and we all know someone) are just so truly unhappy, and are just complete 'Debbie Downers'. No matter what happens in their life they pick it apart and make it negative! I have certain friends who just COMPLAIN, all the time, but yet they do nothing to change it and I dont know if it would matter if they did. Life is too short people, so be happy! If something makes you unhappy do something about it.
One of my favorite songs is "Smile" by Charlie Chaplin, right now I listen to the 'Glee' Version. I recommend everyone who gets in a bad mood (because we all have our moments) listen to this song!


  1. True!! I have pick me up songs too, they really work!!!

  2. I'm currently un-happy.. but that's because I've got a sick kiddo, we went to a wedding this weekend and food poising ran through at least 60 guests... And it's bloody hot!

    Ok seriously I dont get it. I love cranking music when i'm feeling down and really the only person that hears me bitch and whine is my husband.. and if I'm mad at him it's my mom. LOL

  3. Eric is about the only one that gets to deal with me when I am in a mood also! lol Music really can change your mood. Misty that stinks about the food poisoning....YUCK!

  4. Good question. I also don't like hanging around people who complain about how crappy their life is, yet do nothing to better their life. Exactly where is complaining going to get you and how is it going to make it better? The sad part is, people like this are usually just looking for attention and someone to tell them, "it's going to be better."

  5. Very true Char, most of them are attention seekers!