Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog Challange #21

The challange is to let out what is on our minds! What is on my mind is the same thing that has been on my mind a lot recently. I think about family. I feel cheated to have the parents and grandparents I have. Which sounds really harsh, even to me, but that is how I feel! Why do I have a mom with the problems she has, who has caused so much trouble in my life and my siblings lives, and who has never made me feel loved? I know many people are not blessed with a great family, and I am not alone. I do however feel blessed and truly greatful for my brother and sister, and when many other people in our family let us down atleast we have each other! :) I can say going dealing with my parents recently teally has brought my brother, sister, and I closer together.
What has brought this on? My mom's family had a reunion in TN recently and my brother refused to attend, for obvious reasons. This somehow prompted my mom to show up at his house ranting and then to call me and leave me a voicemail saying very hurtful things, which at this point does not surprise me. Then she RSVP's for my sister's baby shower and we find out (the day of the shower) that she has no intention of showing up. She just called to be cruel! WHY?! I ask myself why she does many of the things she does all the time. :(
I will add the shower was beautiful and my sister and baby 'M' were surrounded by love and people who care about them, and my mom missed out on yet another important moment in life, so who missed out?......not us!


  1. *hugs* It's so tough writing about family. I think that in most cases, it's a rather touchy subject and it's hard to let your true feelings come out. I know some of the things that you've had to deal with and and as hard as it is, it makes you who you are. You are a strong and beautiful mother who has a great family of her own. Hang in there the best that you can.