Friday, August 27, 2010

Blog Challange #22

Give advice about something.

I dont consider myself an expert on anything but here are a few of my opinions. :)

1. Dieting, even if you want to lose weight you must still love yourself if for nothing else but what is on the inside, because hating yourself and being depressed is not good motivation. Also spoil yourself every once in awhile.

2. When you are a mom make time for just YOU! Even if it is as small as taking an extra long shower. If you don't take care of yourself how can you take care of others?

3.Take chances no matter what people say. Do what you feel is right. If I did what "everyone else" thought was right I wouldn't be married, have my kids, or have the life that I have and love now!

4. Parenting, we as parents will never be perfect and we all make mistakes but sometimes we do get it just right and those are the moments that we instill something special in our children that they will take with them for life.

5. Hug your kids....all the time! I tell my kids I love them so many times a day I can't count, and hug them repeatedly. What if something happens tomorrow and you wished you could hug them again? I wasn't told I love you by my parents, hardly ever, growing up and now I will tell my kids all the time!

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  1. Good ones!!! I try to hug my kids a lot too!!