Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moving home!

We are moving...yet again! This time however, we are hoping it is our final move or atleast for a very long time. We are moving back to our hometown. Going back to where Eric and I grew up, where most of our friends our, and where we will be close to family is a welcome and exciting change! We knew we wanted to be back near family and having our 3rd kid solidified that. Having 2 toddlers and an infant is a definite challenge without a support system. I think some of what they say is true, it does take a village. :) Plus we feel like we miss out on so much. Now I will get to be near friends and have some adult interaction. My sister is having her first child and that is HUGE. After many roadblocks and trying fertility issues, she is having a baby girl in October. I want my kids to grow up with their cousin and I want to be there to spend time with my sister, her husband, and my new niece! This is also much needed for Eric and I, to be able to even have a date night or time alone, even if it is just once a month. It is definitely going to be a journey and in the end I hope it helps give my kids some roots where they are surrounded by a support system where they feel loved and happy! Eric got an awesome new job as a manager working for a farm in Ohio, and in 2 weeks we will be saying goodbye to Kentucky.


  1. love the new blog, I'm sure the move will be just what your family needs!

  2. So far the move is awesome! :)